I’m Back!

This year began with turbulence and many challenges.  During those months, I deleted my former blog and stopped writing.  After much encouragement, I am finally going to resume sharing my thoughts with… well, anyone who feels like reading them, I guess!   😉

This post won’t have a specific topic, other than tidbits from “normal” daily life.

Our cat population is experiencing a baby boom, just as I am preparing to have my own baby.  Somehow we went from “we’ll only have one cat in the house” to “um, Honey, we have four adult cats, four kittens and two more litters on the way!!!”  I now have a soft spot in my heart for crazy cat ladies.  Perhaps they, too, once thought it would be fine if their spouse got a cat.  After all, one cat is simple to care for.  Sadly, the cat never got spayed, and all the neighbor cats came to visit.  The now-slightly-crazed cat ladies urged their husbands to do something, but by then it was too late.  Kittens were born, and another generation repeated the cycle.  No woman can live with eight+ cats in her house without going nuts!  And why is it always “crazy cat lady?!?”  My suggestion is that the woman is the one who generally spends the most time at home with the cats, thus losing more sanity than the man who only sees his cats after work.  Perhaps we should give “crazy cat ladies” hugs instead of criticizing them?  Just a thought…

Of course, cats aren’t the only drain on a mommy’s energy and brain cells.  Toddlers who have learned how to open doors and let themselves out of the house keep their mothers jumping.  I suppose this is great exercise for both my brain and body, though.  The doors are now locked whenever I leave the room.  Hubby teases that I just like locking him out of the house (goofball); but I’d rather forget to unlock the door than find Kaitlyn wandering around the driveway again!

Speaking of that little girl, she decided to play dress-up today.  Her final choices were all pink (indicating her current favorite color… goodbye, red, you’ve been replaced!) but I still wouldn’t say anything matched.  She started with a T-shirt, covered it with an Elmo hoodie, added heart-patterned leggings, and put plaid shorts over the leggings.  I would describe it as a wild hodge-podge of pink, but her facial expressions made it plain to see that she thought she was styling!  No pictures, I’m afraid; she kept running away from the camera.  Having to eventually remove some layers due to overheating was quite a disappointment for my little fashion designer!

People have asked whether Kaitlyn is ready for her little sister to arrive.  Although I’m sure there will be normal amounts of jealousy once she has to share me with baby, she does seem excited about the idea of having a sibling.  She carries dolls and newborn outfits around the house, pretending to care for her “babies.”  When I greeted Kaitlyn after her nap today, she ran to me, patted my belly and squealed, “Baby!!”  However, I didn’t get the same warm fuzzy feelings the time she pointed to a picture of a Thanksgiving turkey and then to my stomach… that comparison wasn’t a compliment, kiddo! 😀




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