Fun In The Sun

Today’s weather was gloriously warm and sunny, an early taste of summer after many rainy days.  To celebrate, I set a sprinkler in the shady part of the lawn and let Kaitlyn play to her heart’s content.  The joy on her face as she ran through the water and played in the mud was precious.  She kept running over to me and giving me hugs and kisses . . . her way of thanking me for how much fun she was having.  I wore myself out playing with her, but savored every minute.

Playing in the sprinkler

My little joy

We’ve had some tough moments lately, dealing with negative attitudes that neither Mommy or Daddy want to see in their little girl.  Nothing big, just things like occasionally making nasty faces at us if we say “no.”  Most people say that’s harmless, but we know that nipping her rebellious attitudes in the bud now will save us a lot of trouble later.  So it was very refreshing to have a day’s reprieve from that battle.

Kaitlyn also did extra good today remembering to say “yes” (instead of saying “no” and nodding her head yes) when asked if she wanted something.  Several times, she even replied, “yes, please” and “thank you.”  Yay!!!


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