Pre-Baby Musings

The next time someone tells me I’m “so lucky” because I get to sleep as much as I want before Baby is born, I just might cry.  Either these people have foggy memories or they’ve never been pregnant.

I get about three hours of sleep on a good night.  (The unflattering dark circles under my eyes can testify, but let’s try to cover those up, hmm?)  Sleep has been elusive for many weeks, since my body aches constantly.  If I do finally find a moderately comfortable position, Baby wakes up and kicks my ribs for hours.  Honestly, if the Energizer bunny had a human counterpart, this little girl would probably be it.  She is so active.

Murphy’s Law – the pregnancy revision – states that, if Mommy wants to sleep, Baby wants to play.  The amendment states that, if both Mommy and Baby happen to somehow be concurrently resting, then Toddler will wake up and cry.  Loudly.  Sometimes even getting up and banging on the door.  Until Mommy relinquishes any hope of sleep and goes to put Toddler back in bed.

I expected to be this tired after Baby’s arrival, not before.  Am I whining?  Maybe a little.  Have you ever been really tired?  Did it start to play with your mind and emotions?  If yes, then you understand where I’m coming from.  And if not, you can give me one of those great pep talks on how to become SuperMom.  Those always make me feel so much better 😉

Hubby is eagerly anticipating Baby’s arrival.  If I mention I’m having random contractions again, he announces he’s going to take a nap and get rested, just in case we’ll be up all night having a baby.  Seeing his excitement always makes me smile.  I’m blessed to have a husband who wants to be there with me during labor and delivery.

My doctor is slightly concerned by Baby’s size not matching with her age, so he consulted with a specialist and decided I should have some tests done.  The hospital was supposed to call yesterday to schedule that . . . or today . . . or maybe they’ll finally call tomorrow!  I do believe it would be nice if Baby decided to arrive before those tests.  Everything has been okay so far, and she’s about a pound heavier than her preemie older sister was.  The whole “she should be fine but if we do the test, we’ll know for sure” concept sounds like two hours spent in the hospital just to hear everything’s normal.  Comforting, yet almost unnecessary.  We’ll see what happens.


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