Waiting on Baby

It’s the little things that mean the most… I got five hours of solid sleep the other night!!!  I was amazed at how much more energy I had that day, not to mention the fact that I could actually form full sentences without bumbling my thoughts 🙂  Still experiencing a lot of pain whenever I move, but Baby is doing fine (i.e., very active, particularly those feet tucked under my ribs!).  She seems determined to keep us guessing about when she will arrive.  Each day, I have things happening with my body that cause me to wonder if I’m finally going into labor.  And every time,  it’s a false alarm.  Pain is not a reliable symptom, neither are random contractions.  I’m thankful Baby didn’t come eight weeks early.  God has answered all the prayers and allowed her to have more time to develop.  However, I’m now ready for her to be born 😉  My body hurts all the time; and let’s admit it, I’m a wee bit nervous about the concept of delivering a normal-sized baby.  After having a 4 lb. 9 oz. preemie, anything over 6 lb. sounds huge!  Yes, it will all be fine, I know.   We are packed (and mostly ready) for Baby’s arrival, and eagerly anticipating seeing our little girl for the first time!


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