Some Mornings Are “For the Birds”

“Cats… the mighty hunters of the urban neighborhood.  By killing mice, rabbits and birds, they help their owners have nicer homes.  And so on…”


I would like to believe this; I truly would.  But this morning has proven there are exceptions.

When I walked into the room, something skittered across the floor.  No, I didn’t squeal this time; I bravely confronted the mysterious creature.  What a lovely surprise… an injured bird that a cat had brought inside.  Well, what Kitty catches, Kitty shall eat.  I brought a cat to the scene and waited for her instincts to guide her.  Little Miss Picky jumped away from the bird and looked at me, as if to say, “Eww, you want me to touch that?!”  I wanted to think our cats would do better than that.  They have been catching many animals lately, so I was sure one of them would feel like having a nice mid-morning snack.

The kittens each cautiously swatted at the bird, then ran off to play with a paper bag.   Okay.  Time to bring in the big guns.  Demon – head of the feline family, best hunter, and rather psychotic at times – should be able to handle this situation like a pro.

When presented with her “buffet on the wing,” Demon merely walked away.  The angry bird went bouncing along after her, pecking and screeching.

Making a mental note that the rest of the cats need to find new homes next week, I decided to take over “Operation Remove the Bird.”  How hard could it be?  It had an injured wing, so it wasn’t flying much.  Though it was doing a hop-slide-jump kind of run, it wasn’t moving too fast… should be a quick grab and toss out the door fix.

A small bird that has been carried inside a house, wounded, abandoned, and rejected by several cats does not appreciate “humane” efforts to save its life.  Not only will it run away from the crazy nice lady trying to help, it will turn and attack her.  Repeatedly.  With beak and feet.

Thank goodness there aren’t any hidden video cameras in our home!  I’m sure Youtube users would have loved laughing at the 39-weeks-pregnant woman chasing a bird around the room, alternately sweet-talking and yelping, “ouch!” when she got pecked.

I can now say I’ve found use #53 for an empty diaper box.    Yes, I realize it’s not an exciting ending to the story, but who cares?  I tipped the box on its side, then chased the bird into the box.  Once trapped, birdy was quickly transported outdoors and left to meet its fate… without anymore “help” from the human race.


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