Hello Again

Baby Missy is almost three weeks old, and I’m finally updating this blog.  Yes, that means life has been pretty busy around here 🙂

Missy is a sweetheart, staying content most of the time, and blessing us with lots of smiles.  She’s an aggressive eater, so she’s gaining weight quickly (cute little chubby cheeks!)  Her days and nights are still mixed up, so she sleeps more during the day, and at night either wakes up every hour or stays awake for hours on end.  I’m trying to break this cycle, as I’m tired of only getting two to three hours of sleep every day. 

Holding Missy and gazing into her deep blue eyes makes everything worthwhile, though.  She’s my stress-reliever, my little cuddle-bug when I need a hug 🙂

Kaitlyn is a great big sister!  She’s never displayed any jealousy; instead, she lavishes love on Missy.  Sometimes, it’s a bit too much loving, if you know what I mean, but I’m glad she truly likes her baby sister.  All day long, Kaitlyn stops what she’s doing to go check on Missy, shower her with hugs and kisses, and hand her toys that she can’t possibly use for many more months.  I’m proud of my big girl!

I tell people that Baby is doing great, but generally don’t mention that I’m dealing with health issues.  The first is related to breast-feeding:  Missy’s aggressive munching has caused problems, and I may have to go get antibiotics to fix that.  Also, my body is not healing properly – don’t worry, I won’t go into specifics – so I constantly hurt and don’t feel good.  Tomorrow I am scheduled to see the doctor and find out whether I need to have a D&C . . . I really hope not.

Jesse loves being a father twice-over.  And when people try to “console” him for not getting a son this time, he looks at me, as if to say, “What are they talking about?”  No one believes that he could have wanted a second daughter, but it’s true!  He likes to snuggle with Missy in the evenings, and tells me she is “adorable.”

Now, we aren’t the Brady Bunch… come on, we do have a toddler and an infant, let’s face facts.   Parents are both tired, house is *coughs* far from perfect, summer heat makes both girls cranky, and I’m trying my best to be a good wife/mother/friend during this time… but feel like I’m not always succeeding.

Still, life is good.  I know sleep will come eventually, and the baby stage will be over far too soon.  I’m happy to have two beautiful daughters and a loving husband.  And yes, this is part of my personal pep talk for those occasional “blue” moments.   ‘Fess up, you do the same thing every now and then.  😉


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