Appointment Results

People wonder why I’m so obstinate about not going to the doctor.   Disregarding the fact that I learned that from my father (case in point: he nearly cut his hand off with a grinder last month, but never went to a doctor), I have my own legitimate reasons.

You probably remember my mentioning the health troubles I’ve been having.  Well, after deciding that I’ve had enough pain, I scheduled a doctor’s appointment.  That turned out to be a complete waste of time, since the doctor they scheduled me with wasn’t an OB doctor, so she couldn’t give me any answers!  She nicely agreed that things certainly aren’t right with my body, but just told me to take Tylenol and come back on Tuesday to see a different doctor.  Lovely…  I spent half the day in town just for that.

Tuesday morning, I headed back to town, optimistically hoping for some answers.  I didn’t get any.  The doctor said that my body has fully healed, so there’s no reason for the symptoms I’ve been experiencing.  Perhaps I might have imagined them, or maybe I just forgot what a period is like?  Wow, lady, you may be a fine doctor, but your PR skills need some work.  I’ve been dealing with all these things for three and a half weeks, and you’re basically saying it’s all in my head?!?  When I asked about the results of the bloodwork they’d done on Friday, no one knew anything, so I had to keep hounding them to go look it up.  Madam Doctor asked me what my normal blood count is so she could compare: I had no clue, so she told a nurse to just give me the results when they arrived.  PTL, the nurse who brought that paper in knows me from prior appointments and was kind enough to reassure me that my blood count is normal.

Why did my body pick that day to alleviate the worst symptoms?  Obviously, I’m super thankful that I felt better then, but it would have been nice to have proof that I’m not a hypochondriac nutcase.  I came away from that appointment super frustrated.  The only advice the doctor gave me was to take Tylenol and come back next week.  I’m not so sure that I’ll keep that appointment.  I’ve already made two wasted trips to town; using more fuel just to hear that everything’s fine and that maybe I’m imagining things seems pointless.

Two thoughts:  1.) I may decide to change doctors, as the doctor who did Missy’s one-week checkup was much nicer and caring.  2.) This didn’t make me any more willing to go to a doctor  with my health concerns.  Sorry, folks, I’m still stubborn, and will stick with home treatments as much as possible.



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