Baby…Boy or Girl? Blonde or Shaved?

“How old is your little boy?”

“My little girl is one month old.”

“Oh, he’s so cute.”

I try to help people by dressing Missy in pink or purple when we go to town.  Her carseat is pink.  Her blankets are pink, or girly in some other way.  But because she only has a little blonde peach fuzz for hair, most people assume she is a boy.  Color coding doesn’t make much difference, I guess.

The oddest question I’ve been asked about Missy’s hair came from her doctor this week.  As he tested her reflexes, he asked me, “What’s with her hair?”  (said with heavy accent, so I had to ask him to repeat the question twice before I understood it… and then I still didn’t know what he meant!)  I already felt bad for bumbling around trying to understand, so I said something along the lines of “What about her hair?”

He explained that, in the country he came from, they shave infants heads for the first seven days before baptism.  Missy is the first “bald” baby he’s seen in America, so he wondered if we, too, held to that tradition.  It was rather humorous, having to explain to a doctor that Missy has always been like this, and we really don’t shave her head.   😀


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