New Injury

I’m rather proud of the fact that my accident-prone husband hasn’t been to the  hospital for issues with his health since our wedding… thus breaking his life-long tradition of going at least once a year.  (Granted, he has been to Quick Care several times for injuries, but it somehow doesn’t seem as bad as actual hospital visits.)  The math equation for this change is probably something like 94% answered prayers, 5% lessons learned by experience  + 1% cautious wife = fewer major injuries.

I can pray a lot, I can occasionally point out the dangerous consequences of certain actions, but there’s not much more I can do.  Except be really nice when he gets hurt because he wasn’t thinking about consequences… like tonight.

He was using a grinder on a piece of metal.  Grinders make metal very hot.  Hot metal doesn’t feel good on flesh.  Grabbing hot metal with bare fingers will cause intense pain.

I imagine it was an instinctive reflex: once the grinder stops, you pick up the piece of metal to see if it looks right.  Unfortunately, his fingers will suffer for days as a direct result of not wearing gloves.  I’m not yet certain how bad the burns are, but – hours later – he still has ice on those fingers to keep the pain bearable.

Oh, honey… sure, it could have been prevented, but we all do dumb things.  (Some more than others = that’s me.)  Right now, I know he’s hurting.   He already knows it wasn’t a smart thing to do; I want to show him I still think he’s amazing, instead of tearing him down with thoughtless words.  I just hope replacing melted ice packs says, “I love you” in a way he’ll hear it.


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