Salamanders and Salvation?

We have a pet salamander.  Right now, he’s stuck between the glass wall of his aquarium and his “sitting” rock.  Not because I put him there, no, he swam straight into this predicament himself.  It wouldn’t be a problem at all, were he facing the opposite direction with his feet touching the rock.  But he’s facing the glass, and much as he flails his legs and tail, he’s not getting out of this situation on his own.  He has nothing to grip, nothing to lift him up, nothing to help him move on.

Perhaps I’m too tired… normally I can’t find anything spiritual about our “Sally Mander.”   Watching his efforts tonight makes me think of people.  Sin.  Consequences.  Helplessness.  Need for a savior.

I wish I had profound words that would pack a punch and “wow” you with the analogy.  But it’s almost midnight, so you get simple words.  That’s all my tired brain can handle 🙂

Sometimes we “swim” into situations and realize we can’t handle them on our own.  Maybe it was a sin we intentionally committed that now traps us with its consequences (might I say, “caught between a rock and a glass wall?”).  Maybe it was a surprise tragedy that took away our hope and sense of direction.  Whatever the cause, we become little Sally Manders, flailing our little legs, hoping to find a way out.   Or maybe we’re on the other side of the “aquarium,” watching a friend struggle.

We need hope.  They need hope.  And the only way out, the only option that will give freedom, is Jesus.  He can save us from the worst situations.  He will bring hope to what seems like an impossible situation.

There you go, a brief synopsis of my scrambled thoughts about salamanders, salvation and the Savior.  (I really think I need more sleep… 😀 )


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