One, Two…

Sometimes I wonder if Kaitlyn is really listening to what I’m teaching her.  Every time I show her how to count to ten, or name the colors, or point out shapes, I find myself wondering if she “gets” it.  She just smirks and usually ignores me.

BUT then comes a little breakthrough.  Tonight I brought Hubby his supper, and he motioned for me to watch Kaitlyn.  She was holding four pennies, and as she lined them up, she said, “One, two..”  He then helped her say, “three, four.”  I guess she’d been doing that repetitively while I was out of the room.  Ya!!!

And, even though she seems to use fewer words lately, she randomly throws out sentences.  Like the night Jesse put Kaitlyn to bed… after listening to Kaitlyn throwing a fit, I went to her room.   Jesse was sitting on her bed, telling her it was bedtime, and she was yelling, “I WANT MOM!!!”  (she was very disappointed when I told her to obey Daddy and go to sleep.)  A sentence, we got a full sentence!  *clicks heels, does a little jig*



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