Day of Blessings

I’ve been feeling kinda blue lately: still having health troubles and getting really tired of “three good days, followed by five bad days” over and over.  Admitting that makes me feel like I’m whining, because it could be so much worse and I’m still able to do most things without people knowing I’m not feeling good.  But it has drained my strength and energy, and I feel awful when I can’t keep up with everything. But every once in a while, I get a day with surprise blessings!

Missy had her two-month checkup this week, and even though it was another hot day (and the car kept overheating, so could only have the air-conditioning on half the time), it was a good day.  Kaitlyn was well-behaved and even voluntarily shared toys with other kids in the waiting room!  Missy’s doctor is awesome, because he genuinely cares about his patients.  Before he began her checkup, he asked if I was taking care of myself and getting “alone time”  (which doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally, yes).  Instead of just checking that off his list of questions for postpartum mothers, he reiterated that I need to get more rest and brief times away so I don’t get caregivers’ burnout.  Then he was so good with Missy… fascinated by her, actually, since he will be having his first child in a couple months.  He had lots of questions for himself, wanting to know if it’s true that new parents don’t get much sleep, etc.  It’s fun to have a real conversation, not just succinct questions about Missy’s development.

Had to wait an hour for Missy’s immunizations.  If I’d known that in advance, I would have dreaded it.  How was I going to keep Kaitlyn happy for another hour?  But she read books, and hopped around pretending to be Tigger (I know because she told me:), and played Ring Around the Rosie with me.  We had some nice mommy-daughter time without any obligations or interruptions.  Ya!  The blessings continued when we got a super-nice nurse for immunizations , who gave me lots of compliments on my appearance, saying she remembers what it’s like to have a baby and how important encouragement is for a mom.  I could have hugged her!  😉   Missy did okay with the shots, and slept for several hours afterwards.

Got to go watch a DVD with my mother-in-law and grandma-in-law that evening.  ‘Twas nice to have adult conversation again!

This weekend promises to be busy… visiting friends tonight, going to a concert the next night (and I still haven’t found a place for Kaitlyn to stay that night 😦 ) and then Sunday which is always a hectic day.  But we’ll be going places, which I really enjoy.  So, heigh ho, it’s back to work for me, so we’ll be ready to leave once Jesse gets home!


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