Cinderella Day

Today I updated my Facebook status:

“In Kaitlyn’s mind, every hero is “Daddy” and every heroine is “Mommy.” That gets pretty interesting. Today we’re John Wayne and Cinderella 😛

And at this moment, I do feel like Cinderella.  Does that mean I am in a ballgown and high heels with perfect hair and makeup, dancing with the love of my life?  Um, no, I’m at the pre-fairy godmother stage.  The days of endless cleaning and grunge jobs without any praise or thanks.  Motherhood can be disconcertingly similar to Cinderella, except the mice in my house don’t talk to me. 😉

For the past two weeks, there has been at least one sick member of the family, throwing up, and needing extra pampering and loving.  Last week, we did a “2 for 1.”  Daddy and Baby got sick on the same morning, and stayed miserable for several days.   Then, once everyone was getting well, our water pipes froze.  Thawed.  And burst.  How fun…  I guess we had a date, of sorts.  I dressed up (Carhartts and baseball cap, sexy, sexy…) and together we crawled under the trailer house to fix the pipes.   As we laid in the mud and water, I tried to imagine we were relaxing at a spa, being pampered.  Okay, it didn’t work, but it revived my sense of humor when I needed it most.  Working on water pipes when it’s thirty degrees out and the wind is blowing, isn’t the most fun job.  But at least we got it fixed.

Not quite.  Water was barely trickling out of the kitchen faucet, and the bathroom water pressure was about half its normal level.  It was determined that we need to replace *everything* at the point of origin  –  down in the storm cellar.  We examined the cobbled mess, debated water pipe sizes, and made a shopping list.  I find it funny that Hubby says I was a big help finding parts at Menards; my comprehension of the whole project is still pretty fuzzy, but I do know how to find things at the store!  Before we shut the water off and started tearing things apart, Hubby cleaned all the indoor faucets.  Can you say, “mineral deposits?”  There was a lot of buildup that, once removed, restored the water pressure levels to normal.  I have water in the kitchen again, yay!  (Why is the kitchen always the room that loses water first?)  But I guess we still need to do the big project of replacing the cobbled mess of water pipes down in the cellar.  Time to go get my coveralls… 🙂

The cats got back in the house while we were fixing the water pipes, and we let them stay inside for a couple days.  Bad, bad, bad idea.  Today alone, I have discovered three rooms that the cats designated as indoor toilets.  Cat poop is simply disgusting.  So I’m cleaning that off of carpets and clothes.  Kaitlyn decided I needed more clothes for the laundry hamper, and had *four* potty accidents (despite my taking her to the bathroom every hour).  I didn’t mind the wet ones so much, but cleaning poopy big girl panties is not all that pleasant.  :/  Honestly, I’m sick of poop.  Some days, Kaitlyn remembers to use the bathroom every time and I feel like she’s mastered potty-training.  And days like today, I think she just doesn’t care.  I am thankful, though, that these days are getting farther apart, and we are making progress with potty-training.

I was invited out for lunch but couldn’t go, due to Kaitlyn having gone down for an early nap and because I was cleaning up cat poop.  I’m also trying to get ahead with baking today, so meals will be a breeze tomorrow.  Tomorrow is “pick up chicken” day!  Found a great deal on organic chicken, so we bought in bulk to stock the freezer for winter.  I’ll have to prep it for freezing, which will take some time.  Having a quick supper on hand that Hubby can fix himself?  I say yes to that idea.  🙂



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