Sweeter Dreams

There is hope for Kaitlyn’s bedtime!  Every night, she was turning it into a huge battle, and I dreaded it more than she did.   After trying several things, I think she’s now learning not to hate bedtime quite as much.   She seems to like the new bedtime routine I’ve tried to establish, and there was no fussing, crying, or carrying-on when I left her room last night!  It takes more of my time, so I’m not sure Daddy’s crazy about the new routine yet, but I’m happy with Kaitlyn’s improved attitude.

Kaitlyn’s bedtime schedule:  Obey when Mommy says it’s bedtime.  Go to the bathroom by herself.  Put on pajamas.  Pick up toys.  Choose a storybook.  Get in bed.  Listen as Mommy reads two books, then “read” them back to Mommy and discuss the pictures.  Get a drink of water.  Pray.  Lights out, time to sleep.

And it seems to help her attitude in the mornings, too.  (Said cautiously, because as soon as I say something like that, she seems to do a 180 switch 😉 )  Today’s blessing has been dancing around the kitchen with Kaitlyn this morning, making her giggle despite her stuffed-up nose (colds are no fun, especially when you’re a kid).  With all the silliness, she forgot she didn’t feel good, and her laughter lifted my spirits, too.


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