Milk and Baby Powder

Yesterday’s Facebook post:

     Kaitlyn came to me, complaining that her shirtsleeve was wet. I assumed she’d spilled her drink. Then I found the little “ghost” with crunchy hair… evidently Kaitlyn’s shirt got wet while she was pouring her glass of milk on her little sister! (Useless fact of the day: evidently, Missy sleeps better after a milk bath.) Oy vey!

First off, I can’t believe I used “evidently” twice.  Moving beyond that triviality, how does one deal with a child who pours milk on her sibling?  I chose to discuss why that wasn’t nice, why we would need to discipline for that, and discipline her.  

And then go give baths.

I added that antic to the “ingenious and slightly devious things my child has done” list.  The list that helps me keep a sense of humor and adds some perspective as to how “easy” parenting actually is.

Then I discovered she’d unscrewed the knobs on the entertainment center.  I’m still looking for some of them.  Discussed and dealt with the situation.

Today, she upstaged both of those feats.

Today, Kaitlyn poured a bottle of baby powder on her sister. 

And the freshly vacuumed carpet.

But mostly on her sister.

While we were between the discuss-and-discipline stage and the bath-time stage, the phone rang.  Evidently the discipline only revived the rebel spirit.  Kaitlyn found where I’d put the baby powder (yes, I’d moved it higher) and proceeded to give Missy a fresh dusting with the remainder of the bottle. 

“Sorry to cut this conversation short, but my daughter is patting her sister’s head to watch the little clouds of baby powder.”

We had a refresher course on why we don’t do that and then proceeded to the bathtub.  Both girls were pretty well covered in powder, which was great fun to wash out of Kaitlyn’s hair.  Missy has so little hair it didn’t matter.  She was just extra white.




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