Party Plans

Well, hubby’s birthday is next week.  As usual, he wants me to plan a special surprise for his day. I could waste time explaining why that creates mixed emotions for me, but neither you nor I want to wade though that.  We’d rather have some fun, wouldn’t we?  😉

So, what are we doing this year?  Bowling, go-karts and kayaking all got crossed off my secret list, leaving the “picnic party in the park” option as my current plan.  I want this to be fun, so I’m busy compiling ideas…  probably more than I’ll actually accomplish, lol, but the possibilities are tantalizing!  Oh, Pinterest, you provider of endless ideas…

Pinata for the big peoples, pull-string pinata for the little ones  (looks way easier than the other actually), games that correspond with the theme (more on that in a bit) and a picnic supper with friends and family.

Hubby loved the new Avengers movie, so I’m using that as the party theme.  I already ordered a cake topper; just need to decide what kind of cake to make.  Chocolate, most likely. 🙂

What’s that?  You wonder if I realize this sounds more like a child’s birthday party than a grown man’s?  *coughs*  Yes, well, trust me, he will love it if I go all out with games and fun times.  The little-boy-on-Christmas-morning spirit is strong with this one!  And that’s a good thing. 

I’m supposed to make a trip to town soon, so I’ll do the birthday shopping that day.  And then try my hand at pinatas… will be a new experience for me.  Wish me luck!


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