Once upon a time, there lived a woman.  She wasn’t a glamorous model or successful businessperson; no, she had chosen something else for her life’s work.  She was, first and foremost, a wife to her beloved husband.  Secondly, she was a mom who chose to stay home with her little girls and invest in their lives.

Now this woman wasn’t very old; in fact, she was young and still learning much about life.  She liked to make people smile and often preferred listening to others talk, rather than speaking herself.  But when she wrote, her thoughts poured onto the pages.  Writing was her only escape . . . an opportunity to openly share her feelings.

If you are reading this, you have found the woman in our “story.”  She may not always have profound thoughts.  She might be sleep-deprived, or hyper, or simply wanting to share a special memory with you.  Her life as wife and mother may not seem very exciting, but let me assure you, she is a very blessed woman.


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